Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 21 tec with t

Well it's difficult to think I've made it over the mark...but I felt just fine all day long. There's a slight twinge of ghost oasis once in a blue moon but I think they are just so slight they are almost not worth mentioning. They scare me for a second...but then I realize they aren't coming back.

I'm staying steady on the eating program with a good protein and decent fat content...but I'm lightening up on the fat content daily and it's not effecting anything. So that's good. I'm drinking lots of water...haven't had the flushing once incidentally. I dropped the enteric coated aspirin regimen when I started feeling sick...just didn't want anything else on my tummy.

I'm having one of those allergy induced relapse moments but I would say they are more exacerbations than a true relapse...I was in the outdoors today for hours with the wind blowing like crazy. Someone else sneezed about twenty times after being outside with me. Since my allergies haven't been sneezy in years...I do think my ms gets kicked into gear.

That's the only thing making me wonder if I took a better immunosuppressive drug that is be better off...but we will see...we'll give this one a chance...

Just thanking God...all the prayer warriors...and my family for getting me through the crazy meds side effects...and into them maybe helping me...

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