Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 22 Tecfidera with t

The night was again uneventful. I'm very excited. Thinking I've made it to the other side...

Definitely some nights and days I could have done without getting here...but again, not so awful that it wasn't worth it.

Gotta think the advice of others helped as well...

Nice breakfast...minimum half a piece of sausage with a few bites of scrambled egg or a small order of a hash brown seems to have done it.

Bacon instead of sausage also worked.

Chicken seemed not the best answer for dinner...just seemed I needed a little more fat at first.

Gluten free pretzels snacked on at nautious moments helped perfectly as long as I didn't let myself get to hungry without eating. First sign of hunger...munch a pretzel or something.

If today.hours well...I'll enjoy calling the doc and Shauna his assistant to share the good news that I'm on the other side this week...

Shauna is awesome support!!! :-)

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