Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 4 t with tecfidera bg12

Well today was the most sensitive day on the new meds. Did the same breakfast. Lunch was a very low fat smoked Turkey with just a spoon or two of potato salad...about 3 hours later had some tender feelings in my tummy. Nothing horrible. Had some fries later abd felt better. Seems the wise I eat the better I feel...and I don't like that. There are worse things in life for sure...but I feel like my arteries are going to need the Bayer aspirin more than my flushing. Haven't really flushed yet. Yay. Some cool tingly feelings that seem slightly odd but not remotely worth talking about other than a quick note to have them "noted."  Lol

There was a point on the plane today where I needed to burp...and it was a little vurpy (gross)...thought I might get sick but it was gone in five...tummy felt uncomfy a few times but geez it is dull hardly worth noting if this stuff works. My legs feel a different kind of tingly tonight...much more prickly than the funky numbness of ms...but again...Nothing user with even thinking about turning back on.

I did see a post where someone mentioned the cancer in rats as a concern...I definitely wonder what that's all about. I don't want stomach cancer in two I'm going to watch out for that for sure to see if I hear anything else on it. It's worth paying attention to although the drug companies have no idea or suggestion as tio what that even means....

Over and out from south beach! :-)

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