Tuesday, October 22, 2013

T with Tec day 9 evening

Well...grabbed some Mediterranean chicken kebabs at the airport with rice and are on the plane as close as I could to the right timeframe. I'm finding taking the pills within the 10-12 hour range to be acceptable. Tomorrow is day 3 in the double dose. Definitely something I'm wondering about...but since I've done so well so far...I'm just not going to let it get to me.

I keep thinking of I make it to day 45 that I'm in the clear on being sick...but we will see.

I'm also curious about how my other tests came back. I did the spectracell test again with my regular doctor to check my levels...and I'm hoping things look even better. I did that about 4 days veggie starting the Tecfidera. So it will show how other things were helping already.

I have mtfhr which is a genetic mutation for processing b vitamins. I have both the 1289 and the c677 or something like that. Together they seem responsible for the train I've always been short on b12 for as long as I can remember.  I'm hoping that taking the b12 from those special b12 pills for people being the intrinsic factor to process the vitamins will help.

I was taking kids of vitamins when this all started...trying to get pregnant...and I'm pretty sure that since my buddy wouldn't prices the b6/folate that I was toxic or borderline...wish that were what caused my "ms" vs. the thought that I actually have ms. Makes sense in my head but it could be very wishful thinking.

What's strange about my ms is that I haven't had relapses the same as others talk about. I had slipped a disc when I first was diagnosed and assumed that was what the ms symptoms were from. My back was sore for months...and then when my back felt well...the numbness in the outer part of my legs went away. I don't feel like it ever was numb. So it strikes me odd that it wasn't from that incident...of course my upper spine was active this year and that caused new all over numbness symptoms...but boy it sure seemed to clear up fast when I started the new b12.

They other thing I did at the same time was reduce the gluten...I took it out of my diet on August 1st...screwed up that day with my tempura shrimp sushi and then did it on the second but right. I still tested positive for gluten at the doc.  I sent from about 27 or so on the vote test down to 6...it's supposed to be zero...but I guess there was tracer gluten in my dogs when eating out. I'm getting better and more folks do gluten free menus. Boulder Colorado was the best by far. Orlando want too bad either.  Had a gluten free burger at universal studios on the Harry potter side...bun was good but not the burger. Lol.

Anyway...I just want to log all of this in case someone else doesn't know about Tecfidera and what to do...and other things that seem to help with the ms like my allergies and diet control.

I'm convinced that my gluten sensitivities caused me to get ms if I have it. I have eaten bad and pasta my whole life. So if it messed with my gut and let the rest of the things I used too love into my blood stream...explains why I'm only allergic to food I used to eat.

Anyway....We will see.

Thank you God for your answered prayers...keep me close.


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