Saturday, October 26, 2013

Days 12-14 Tecfidera with T

Well the stomach burning from day 11 repeated itself day 12 with a slightly stronger vengeance.  It was generally at 6-8 at night every time. It seemed I should have eaten earlier and it wouldn't happen but difficult to say. I did eat later both days. I still had not had more than a little extra burping along the way.  When I went to get in bed on day 13 I had a gripping gas pain in my abdomen. I thought oh it goes... I honestly thought that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed if it hurt like that when I laid down. Then it was gone and never returned. Did make me think that those who have the gas pains must be in misery. I had a relatively uneventful night.

Last night though was a different plan and a different outcome. I decided not to eat before the football game.  I wanted tio see my cutest nephew march with his drum. It was well worth it. He was incredible. So freaking cute.  I left at the end of third quarter.  It was 9:10 and no meal and no tec. So I stopped at a gas station to take my aspirin.  Grabbed a funny bag of chips and ate a handful so as to not upset my tummy with the aspirin.  I drove around 15 more minutes and then stopped at the taco bueno for food.  The gluten free life makes fast food very short on choices.  I ate about 25% of the order and took the Tecfidera.  Things were fine...but then I went home and got into bed with my sweetie.

It was about 2 or 3 hours later abd I awoke with severe belly pain. It was acid reflux with a knot and pain. All centralized to my tummy. I burped about 5 times very quietly...which helped but because I was laying down, I think it made the reflux worse and allowed more stomach acid into my esophagus. It was hurting up to the back of my throat. I switched sides and found relief for slight moments. Finally I had to sit up higher in bed with my pillows propping my head. Probably another 8-10 burps and I began to feel better. It was about a 45 minute ordeal although I'm unsure how long it hurt to wake me up.

After that I went back to sleep with my head propped higher on the pillows and slept through the night. I definitely feel a little stomach pressure this morning indicative of gas, but I'm nit in pain anywhere.

Seems I had read that someone had a bad experience when they lied down so quickly after taking the meds. I'm pretty sure that the falling asleep 20 minutes after the pill thing made this happen.

I'm a little concerned that the intensity increases daily when I have an issue.  Sort of like my body is slowly building up to ring my bell with a vengeance.  That said....I'm doing great today so far this morning and almost half way through my first month!!! I'm feeling pretty good that if I can make it through 30 days that I'll be ok...that 30-45 day mark seems to be the magic number.

I'm still in the middle of a relapse that started the day I flew back into Oklahoma. I'm sure that my allergies sry it off...but it is just mild tingling all over my body and a little bit of an eye twitch on the left...but that's new. I've had it affect the right eye before but not the left.

In any event...the world isn't ending and I'm feeling very blessed and lucky that I've made it this far on the Tec without more episodes like last night.  I'll watch it tonight as I get back on schedule and see if it is a build up or just a bad timing with going to bed after taking it issue.

Thanks to God that I continue to make it.  I definitely cry out to Him in the midst of my pain and know I am not alone. It is most definitely where my strength comes from.


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