Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tecfidera day 1 dose 1

Saturday was a crazy day. I had myself so scared to take this medicine. I didn't want to feel all the horrific stomach side effects. I read so much...but then I just couldn't take the craziness. I decided I need to give it a go and just see how it effects me. There's just no way to know. So I prayed...and find myself rising at 8:45 running to braums for a piece of sausage...some eggs...a dr. Pepper and hash browns...felt like a ton of food. Squished out the grease from the sausage with a napkin...ate it driving home...and had the rest when I returned. Had a few bits of toasted gluten free rice bread with a little strawberry. Yum. Not. Lol. Took my coated Bayer aspirin...and went back upstairs. Crawled in bed and just sat there with my cute lil hubby. He's so supportive. Ran down the stairs when he heard me leaving to see what he needed to do to help. Love him dearly. :-)

Twenty minutes had gone by from eating...and I decided it was time to take the tecfidera.  I opened three new low dose starter bottle...opened it...held the pill and prayed over it and me with my sweetie.  Few seconds later...Down it went with a good bit of water. Laying here now waiting to see what comes next.

Saddle up the we go...

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