Monday, October 14, 2013

T with Tecfidera Day 2 one was pretty easy. Felt tired it seemed but I haven't slept well the night that could be just normal.

Day 2 I went with the one piece of sausage with a small hash brown, Dr pepper and 2 smallbites of a gluten free cupcake.  Trying to get a bad in with the gluten free thing is trickier.  It's a ton of food and I don't like eating it all.  I feel incredibly stuffed.  I also took the coated Bayer aspirin at the start off my mall giving it 20 to 30 to kick in before the meds. 

Definitely praying for God to give me strength as I go. He went to a I can get through this...with Him...don't want to say I expect God will make this not painful...just that He will be with me.

Planning to try the gym at lunch. I already have more pounds than I care to discuss. Lol. I'd like to not add more with this horrific diet to endure the pills. Although some might call it a dream diet. High caloric. High fat. I read suggestions on the internet from those taking it. What didn't work for those was oatmeal...peanut butter on toast...some of the simple yummy breakfast items.

We will see...

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